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I created this Library as a way to share unlearning resources in an accessible and engaging way. As such, this is designed for folks who are looking for a starting point on their unlearning journey. This Library DOES NOT have all the answers; it is a hub that will connect you to further unlearning opportunities. Resources in the Library are presented in no particular order.

It is important to note that there are large identity gaps here and this is NOT a complete Library. This is a live listing, meaning that I will continue to add/modify sections to this on an ongoing basis. 

If, over the course of your journey, you find a valuable resource that you think should be included here, please feel free to send it to connect@from-thehearth.ca!

Because I am a Yoga teacher, there is a Yogic flavour to some of what is included in this Library. Please know that there are many other educators/resources if you are looking for a different entry point to explore. Please keep seeking! Also, I encourage you to still move through this Library and extrapolate what is shared, because while contexts may be different, the issues are the same.

You will notice that I have noted resources as “FREE” and “PAID.” These designations are referring to money and not to your other valuable resources such as time and effort. None of this work is free from investment and it is important to take that seriously. If you’re going to interrupt harm, then interrupt harm. I invite you to invest your presence in this work; this is part of the practice.

If you hold privilege in a certain identity, it makes sense that unlearning that privilege may not be easeful. Any lack of ease that you feel is friction with the system that is trying to hold in place the status quo. This friction means that you are practicing interruption. Keep it up! And be sure to take care of yourself in the process. If you are looking for supportive practices/spaces, you can explore some options here.

Regarding the few resources that I have contributed to this library: These are based on the work of the folks referenced in each. I do not claim expertise in this work, and I never will. I will always be in the process of unlearning my unearned privilege.

May you continue to practice out of love for yourself, with a willingness to uncover the truth, for the benefit of all beings.

In solidarity,

Unlearning Resource Library – the one person revolution