Have you been taught to feel?

"Have you been taught to feel?" At the bottom and centered is a logo that reads, "From The Hearth."
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As a general statement, we have been taught to discount our feelings because feelings are not valued by our dominating culture.

"Machine-Like: The more machine-like you are, the more you are affirmed by the system of oppression that we live in. 'No pain, no gain.' 'Rise and grind.' 'The hustle is real.'"
"Person-Like: The more person-like you are, the more you are denied. 'Don’t cry.' 'It’s not that bad.' 'You don’t have any sick days.'"
"Self-Policing: And we have even been conditioned to police ourselves in our most vulnerable states! 'I shouldn’t feel this way.' 'I’m weak.' 'I am being selfish.'"

There is a resurgence that is gaining momentum right now advocating for the reclamation of our bodies, and I am here for it!

It is in our bodies that we FEEL.


find a list of universal human emotions here

And while it is natural to feel, challenges do arise.

Challenge 1: Fear

Expansive feelings are all well and good, but emotional pain can be scary. There’s no doubt about it. And the fear of this pain might cause you not to want to feel.

Based on my experience, when one employs productive tools to identify and manage feelings, those feelings can become incredible assets, whether expansive or dense!


Story Time: I was so uneducated on how to manage emotional pain – and fearful about feeling that pain – that I spiraled into years of alcohol addiction before digging my way out. Why was alcohol my medicine of choice? BECAUSE IT NUMBED ME. I didn’t have to feel anymore.

Now, the more I take responsibility for identifying and managing my feelings, the more I am free. It’s hard work, and it continues to get easier every single day.

you can read more about my story here

Challenge 2: Conditioning

You get to unlearn what you might have been conditioned to think: that having feelings is bad, and that noticing your feelings and responding to them indicates weakness and selfishness.


Conditioning by systems of oppression and teachings about personal Sovereignty will always be in tension, because they are creating opposing effects within you.

The system is telling you to identify with your past experiences, and Sovereignty is inviting you to practice letting go of your past experiences in favour of owning your own values.


My invitation to you is to start/continue disrupting any systems of oppression within you to create room to practice being a PERSON – the kind of thing that THRIVES given its Sovereignty.

This process starts with you, within your internal landscape.

This is The One Person Revolution.


If you’d like – as an act of interruption – you could take 15 seconds now to notice anything you might be feeling in your body. Perhaps you notice an emotion that is moving through you, or a sensation that is present. I invite you to try not labelling or judging it. Perhaps you choose to be with that feeling for just a moment longer without any agenda, just experiencing this as a moment of Self-Intimacy. And then you could acknowledge yourself for your choice to engage in this practice, and you could let your awareness of the feeling go.


If you want to tap more into your feelings and learn about what incredible messengers they are within your body, I invite you to join the Compassionate Communication Masterclass starting on August 10.

There are limited spots available; if you have a question, please ask! If you are interested, please join us!


With love,


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