Punishment and Reward (Interrupting Harm Part 2.5/3)

"Punishment and Reward" with a logo at the bottom that reads "From The Hearth."
Image Description: A graphic that says, "Punishment and Reward" in dark lettering on a white background. Extending in from the top left and bottom right corners are light brown circles creating a frame. At the bottom and centered is a logo that reads, "From The Hearth."

I’m feeling some feels and I thought I would talk about them! Click below to view the video on Instagram.

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The conditioned trauma response to punishment in my body is used by systems of violence to discourage me from disrupting harm.

This is where Self-Intimacy practice is so important. I can start to befriend my body and honour the messages that it gives me, and you can too.


Tomorrow I will share Part 3/3 regarding interrupting harm, and from there we will move into the exploration of practical Self-Intimacy strategies.

Until then, with love,



Video Description: Tara – a being in a white body – sitting outside in the shade on a sunny day. They are wearing a dark blue toque with a black hoodie and a light blue jean jacket over top. In the background is the side of a house with dusty, white panelling.

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Punishment and Reward (Interrupting Harm Part 2.5/3) – the one person revolution