Interrupting Harm (Part 2/3)

"Interrupting harm. Part 2/3" with a logo at the bottom that reads "From The Hearth."
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Yesterday we established the importance of interrupting harm as a necessary step to create room for you to practice Self-Intimacy.

On an individual level we all have different harmful relationships that need interrupting. And also, there is a system of harm that affects each and every one of us that also needs to be addressed.

The bottom line is this: your Self-Intimacy practice will never be totally effective when it takes place within an overarching system that is INVESTED in your (and everyone’s) un-wellness.

This system of violence is white supremacy.

The first step is to understand that while this system harms everyone, it does so disproportionately on the basis of one’s social location (position in society based on social group memberships).

For context, I will share my social location:

I am in a slim, young, white body which is non-disabled and neurotypical, which was assigned female at birth. I grew up in a middle-class family with access to generational wealth, and was born as an uninvited settler on, and citizen of, so called Canada with English as my first language. I have a post secondary education. I identify as genderqueer and pansexual, yet pass as a cis het woman.

determine your social location by completing this free exercise

I hold an incredible amount of unearned privilege at the intersection of my identities which shields me from a large amount of systemic violence.

What is unearned privilege?

The Western Tradition of thought (starting with Plato and Aristotle) created a ‘virtuous’ paradigm case of what it means to be a person – a white cis human male – and decided to compare everything it encountered to that.

And this continues today: the closer a person is to that paradigm case, the more unearned privilege they receive.

The further away a person is from the paradigm case, the more that person will be marginalized.. because they are considered ‘less of a person’.. according to this fabricated paradigm case.

These are the roots of systemic violence.

This way of thinking spread overseas to Turtle Island (and elsewhere in the world) and exerted its domination through imperialism, colonialism and racism, building our current society based on supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism.

As such, this way of thinking became baked into EVERYTHING. It is in the air we breathe.




Step 1: Complete the social location exercise linked above.

Step 2: Note which categories you hold the most unearned privilege in (i.e. white, non-disabled). These are your harm-interruption superpowers within the system (more on this tomorrow).

Step 3: Note the identities that hold the least privilege in those same categories (i.e. BIPoC, disabled).

Step 4: Start seeking out educators who hold the identities from Step 3!


NOTE: Not everyone is an educator just because they hold a specific identity; be sure to seek out people who have chosen to take on that labour.


Remember: Just because you hold unearned privilege doesn’t mean that the system isn’t harming you. The difference is that you are also benefitting from it.

The system is relying on you to avoid/gloss over/bypass its violence so that it can continue running, and in exchange it will give you a larger carrot than stick.

But we know better.

Because there is still a stick.

Because you are interconnected with me, and our well-being is bound.

Because only when you have the freedom to practice, do I have the freedom to practice.

The stick is not an enduring fact of reality. It is the result of choosing to think in a certain way. And you can make a different choice.

This is The One Person Revolution.


In solidarity,


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Interrupting Harm (Part 2/3) – the one person revolution