Interrupting Harm (Part 3/3)

"Interrupting harm. Part 3/3" with a logo at the bottom that reads "From The Hearth."
Image Description: A graphic that says, "Interrupting harm. Part 3/3" in white lettering on a dark brown background. Extending in from the bottom left and top right corners are scalene triangles creating a frame. At the bottom and centered is a logo that reads, "From The Hearth."
When harm occurs, I used to think I was supposed to ‘let it go’ and ‘turn the other cheek.’
That strategy kept me in spirals of unwellness and served to uphold systems of oppression for many years.
It turns out that only when I challenge the harmful ways of thinking in my life do I find ability to practice wellness with more stability.
It has been a few heavy days as we examined the crucial first step of The One Person Revolution: interrupting harm. This is what creates space for your Self-Intimacy practice.
From here the invitation is to ask yourself the following questions created by Sonya Renee Taylor on a regular basis:
– Am I giving back unearned privilege?
– Am I leveraging unearned privilege?
– Am I redistributing unearned privilege?

Watch Sonya Renee Taylor’s original post on this topic on instagram by clicking here

That regular basis may look different for me than for you. One place to start is to work with these questions in association with the lunar cycle.
At each New Moon (such as the energy that we are in now!), you could choose one of these areas (giving back, leveraging or redistributing unearned privilege) and determine a tangible action that you will take for interrupting harm, supported by the waxing energy of the Moon.
"Giving Back" See image description for full text.
"Leveraging" See image description for full text.
"Redistributing" See image description for full text.
It is your responsibility to create room for your practice, and I am here to practice that self-responsibility alongside you.
This is The One Person Revolution.
The following teachers’ labour has informed this 3-part series on interrupting harm. Please follow them and engage with their work!


In solidarity,


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Interrupting Harm (Part 3/3) – the one person revolution