Let’s Talk About Self-Intimacy

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Spoiler alert! Intimacy ≠ Sex

While sexual acts can be intimate, there are also many other expressions of intimacy that you can choose to explore.

Yesterday I wrote about The One Person Revolution, and how a daily Self-Intimacy practice is a revolutionary response to the daily internal and external violence that we each experience.

This being said, I am here to advocate for a well-rounded Self-Intimacy practice that is NOT MOTIVATED by that pain (otherwise you would always need that pain in order to practice! Which personally is exactly NOT what I want!).

While Self-Intimacy IS an antidote to violence, the motivation for this practice is rather the intrinsic good of coming home to yourSelf. It is a returning to your true nature.

To facilitate this homecoming, I suggest a targeted, daily dose of Self-Intimacy in four categories: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. It is important to note that none of these are actually distinct; they all rely on or build upon each other in some manner. Yet certain practices will have more emphasis in certain categories, as are explained below.


Physical Self-Intimacy

Targets your gross (as opposed to subtle) body, with practices involving your physical anatomy and body systems. Examples could include tuning into your five senses and tapping into your nervous system.


Mental Self-Intimacy

Targets the seeds of your thoughts, and your thoughts themselves. Note that this is different from your brain! Your brain is targeted during Physical Self-Intimacy practices as it is part of your physical anatomy. Your mind is targeted during Mental Self-Intimacy as it is part of your subtle body, with practices involving understanding and challenging your habits, patterns and tendencies.


Emotional Self-Intimacy

Targets the felt sensations in your body, with practices involving increasing personal literacy around your choices and how your choices affect your experience.


Spiritual Self-Intimacy

Practices in this category target yourSelf. They are not necessarily about “spirituality,” and they are not necessarily theistic or dogmatic. These are practices that involve a withdrawal of the senses so that you can abide in your true spirit and practice recognizing yourSelf.

Want to learn more about what yoga really is? Click here!

I am wondering whether you are already practicing one or more of these Self-Intimacies in your current daily experience!

If you’d like, feel free to share some inspiration in the comments below! There is no one right way to practice Self-Intimacy; it is flexible and open and there is room for all expressions.


And for more support, check out the following resources!

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