Self-Intimacy and the Moon

"Self-Intimacy and the Moon" written in dark brown text with a translucent circle of lunar phases in the background. A logo at the bottom that reads "From The Hearth."
Image Description: A graphic that reads "Self-Intimacy and the Moon" written in dark brown text on a white background that has a translucent circle of lunar phases on it. A logo at the bottom that reads "From The Hearth."

Jyotiṣa (Vedic Astrology) is the science of light. Described in the Vedas alongside the early teachings of Yoga, the study of Jyotiṣa is a path to self-knowledge that helps you to understand who you are.

Following the cosmos assists you in understanding (a) the fruits of your karma (detrimental and helpful actions and reactions from past and present lives), (b) what you bring into this life, and (c) how to deal with the predisposed issues of life.

From here, you have the opportunity to exercise choice through right action in order to influence your future. This is not just about destiny; it is about understanding your destiny so that you can do something about it.

The planets (graha-s) left on their own are grasping you. The knowledge of Jyotiṣa allows you to take responsibility and bring your karmic experience within the control of your practice.

The above information is provided by Komilla Sutton!

Find out more about vedic astrology here

Astrology is an incredibly complex science. An accessible – and very impactful – practice for me has been to start by just focusing on one planetary body and following it: the Moon.

The lunar phases guide you through a balanced process of expansion (waxing) and contraction (waning) each cycle. Unlike our harm-full dominant culture that teaches you to be ‘on’ all the time, the Moon reflects your natural, rhythmic way of being.

In Jyotiṣa, the Moon also represents your mind – your feeling nature, your psyche, intuition and sense of connection.

The Sun represents your power – your will, confidence and courage.

At each New Moon, the Sun and Moon meet within a unique section of the sky. This means that your power and your psyche are aligned, activating unique karmas and initiating a uniquely potent time to practice Self-Intimacy within the backdrop of a section of the sidereal Zodiac that only comes around once each year.

This is where you can start that process of bringing your karmic experience within the control of your practice.

download a free copy of a taurus lunar cycle calender here

Getting Started:

Step 1: You might choose to follow Vedic Astrologers such as Komilla Sutton, Earth & Sky Way, and/or Sam Geppi. This will start to increase your awareness of what is happening above you.

Step 2: You might choose to join the From The Hearth Collective. This is a group of like-hearted beings who follow the Moon together; we meet at each quarter for a Self-Intimacy practice that is in alignment with the sign of the lunar phase, and therefore perhaps in alignment with some of your activated karmas. No practice is ever the same! (And at less than $5 per session.. it’s hard to go wrong!)

Do you already follow the Moon? Do you have questions about getting started? Feel free to share in the comments! Let’s nerd out about the Moon!


Sending you loving, easeful energy on this Satur(n)day,


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Self-Intimacy and the Moon – the one person revolution