A 3-phase flowchart starting with "foundations.", then "(p)reclaim.", then "reclaim.", then back into "foundations."
Image Description: A graphic of a 3-phase flowchart. The first phase reads "foundations." and there are floating dandelion seeds above it. The second phase reads, "(p)reclaim." with a budding dandelion below it. The third phase reads, "reclaim." with a seeding dandelion below it. There are arrows that point between these phases creating a closed-loop triangle. The text and images are white on a dark brown background, and there is a solid white border around it. In the bottom right corner is The One Person Revolution logo of an owl's face.
What is the reclaim. framework?

It’s yoga, demystified.

This framework is designed to share Patañjali’s contribution to moral philosophy in the way that it is presented in the seminal text, the Yoga Sūtra.

You can download the Framework Guide here:

The reclaim. Framework


why create this framework?

Fast food,

Fast fashion,

And now, fast yoga.

I am tired of fast yoga. I am tired of pretending that we can even scratch the surface of Patañjali’s teachings in one hour. 

This framework emerged out of a desire to present yoga in a way that meets practitioners where they are at, while also explicitly acknowledging the wider scope of the project and allowing practitioners to locate themselves within it.


What are the phases of the reclaim. framework?

The framework is a cycle.

It begins with basic conceptual learning, which leads to increased awareness of, and therefore ability to, interrupt harm. And through this harm interruption, you create space within yourself to practice living and aiming differently in life.

As you practice living and aiming differently, your afflictions expose themselves, requiring remedial action. You take that action, and in doing so circle back to your foundational knowledge, continually questioning beliefs and grounding into the teachings, effectively exposing new, potentially raw depth within yourself. From here you again employ antidotes to interrupt harm, increasing your capacity and ability to practice living yoga. And thus, the cycle of reclamation continues.


foundations. is the first preparatory phase and will provide baseline information aimed at contributing to (a) your understanding of yoga, and (b) a deepening of your experience in the sessions offered in (p)reclaim. and reclaim.

(pre)claim. is the second preparatory phase and will address the teachings associated with antidotes to distractions that scatter the mind and impede one’s ability to begin yoga practice.

reclaim. is the ‘official’ practice phase and will address the teachings associated with yoga practice and remedies to the afflictions that reveal themselves as obstacles during practice.