What is The One Person Revolution?

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The One Person Revolution holds a vision of every human being having the freedom to choose to take effective self-responsibility.


Yup. It’s about self-responsibility..

..No, it’s not glitzy and glamourous.

It’s not trendy.


It’s revolutionary.

It’s a daily practice.

And it’s what I’m here for.


There are many expressions of ways to take self-responsibility.

I am here to share an expression that continues to revolutionize my life.

It is the practice of Self-Intimacy (more on this in upcoming posts!)

Can’t wait? Read more about Self-Intimacy by clicking here!

The idea of a ‘One Person Revolution’ is NOT new.

I hold the privilege of teaching Yoga, which is just one of multiple South Asian contributions to moral philosophy.

The One Person Revolution IS Yoga, and Self-Intimacy practices ARE yoga practices!

I have created unique names to refer to the expressions that I share.

But let’s be clear.. this is Yoga through and through, and we have the South Asian Tradition of thought to thank for offering a way to critically respond to the incredibly violent world that we are currently living in.

Want to learn more about what yoga really is? Click here!

The One Person Revolution is an antidote to that violence.

And fueled by the intrinsic good of the practice, the practitioner continues to approximate themself to this ideal of personal freedom for their own benefit and the benefit of all people on – and including – the planet.


I will be sharing more about Yoga, the violence that we experience, the practices as antidotes that I offer in upcoming posts.

In the meantime, I invite you to consider whether you are willing to choose to practice taking self-responsibility.


The Revolution starts with you.


This is by far the most rewarding work I have undertaken in my life. And while it is personal work, there is no reason why we can’t do it together. Want to practice with me?


Sending you love,


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