White background with a translucent golden flame emerging from the bottom of the picture. Dark brown writing on top reading "Who am I to talk about white supremacy?"

Who am I to talk about white supremacy?

This is a question that I have been sitting with since June when I saw the slick veils of white supremacy for the first time, sparked by the murder of George Floyd and the uprisings that followed.

I am a young, slender, white, heterosexual-passing, able bodied, neuro-typical, Canadian, cis female.

I hold a huge amount of unearned privilege at the intersection of my various identities.

Over the last four months I have been humbly learning about white privilege and white supremacy from some truly incredible people, all of whom I will be sharing in upcoming posts.

And what has been made so clear to me is that white supremacy is harming me. The reason why I didn’t notice it before is because I am white and therefore while it is simultaneously harming me, I also benefit from this toxic dominant culture.

Therefore, I have participated ignorantly yet actively in upholding a system of structural oppression, which is a pretty tough pill to swallow.

My heart lies in the wellness industry; I was drawn to this work based on my personal wellness journey and wanting to guide others on this same path. When I learned how sick I was being kept based on my ignorance of white supremacy, I was immediately pulled into action. It was not a decision I had to make or something I had to push myself to do. I was literally pulled – by the invisible string that connects my heart to my highest self – forward and up, to rise to the work that is required of me and that I was so called to do.

The liberation that has come from just four months of (un)learning is incredible. The veils are SO thin, all one needs to do is look.

So here I sit. Itching to speak about white supremacy and its adverse effect on the wellbeing of people who hold similar types of unearned privilege as me (as this is the only place I can speak from). Itching to formally weave dismantling white supremacy work into my wellness offerings.

I sit with the paradox of the absolute need to create space for, uplift and amplify the voices of those who are oppressed by the system, while also acknowledging my duty to create change, while also acknowledging how problematic white centering is.

I sit with the discomfort of shifting gears in business and incorporating a deeper dive into the layers of conditioning that stand in the way of us coming home to ourselves. I wonder if anyone will want walk this path of discomfort (and ultimate liberation) with me. I wonder about permissibility and continually checking my own privilege.

For me it has now come to a choice:

Either I am going to slow down in business and choose to not expand my capacity to hold these paradoxes, or

I am going to play full out, make more mistakes, and be the change I wish to see in the world.

I choose the latter.

And ultimately, I don’t think it could go any other way. In my most recent 8 week program Seek Sanctuary, I included unsolicited content around dismantling white supremacy because I couldn’t help myself.

The message of wellness and liberation is incomplete without acknowledging our toxic, dominant culture.

It’s that simple. And personally, I don’t want to engage in any wellness spaces that don’t acknowledge this. So how can I not create spaces for healing and growth that reflect this?

All of this is to say, things are going to evolve around here slowly but surely. I am overwhelmed and am honestly feeling quite paralyzed at the moment with how much there is to do. I am taking it one day (and sometimes one hour) at a time as I navigate all that is arising personally and professionally.

Let me know in the comments: do you want to learn more about dismantling white supremacy in favour of your own personal liberation?

Sending you so much love,


Who am I to talk about white supremacy? – the one person revolution